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The Digital Africa Gold Rush & Startups x Joannes Hotagua | S5 Ep.8
Episode 813th September 2023 • The Sound of Accra Podcast • Adrian Daniels
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This week, Adrian speaks to Joannes "Joe" Hotagua, founder of Authentic African, a platform that helps African Artisans sell their products around the world. Joannes also owns the popular Authentic African YouTube channel and instagram page.

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He is a passionate advocate for African startups and entrepreneurs.

In this episode:

-Joannes takes us on a journey through his own entrepreneurial endeavours, from starting an e-commerce store selling African products to his transition into content creation on platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

-We'll delve into the reasons behind Joannes' shift in focus, his exploration of the African tech industry, and the opportunities it holds for both startup founders and investors alike.

-Throughout the episode, Joannes shares his experiences and insights, highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry and the power of storytelling to make a positive impact. 

-We'll also learn about Joannes' day job, working with brands to find their audiences online, and how their expertise in marketing and content creation has shaped their entrepreneurial journey.

Show Notes:

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00:00 Intro
01:02 Icebreaker
02:26 What is Authentic African and more about Joe
03:52 Africans should be the first to invest in Africa
05:00 The year of return 2019
06:06 Sierra Leone
07:20 Sandbox
10:10 Digital Africa Gold Rush
13:25 The rise of African Tech Startups
16:49 The Gold Rush
17:50 Authentic African
23:40 YouTube vs Instagram
25:35 Doing Vlogs and Instagram stories
28:40 Quitting well paid job and relocating to Ghana
32:20 Finding purpose in Africa with western skills
36:20 Working at Jumia vs Hulu
41:31 Advertising for Africa
44:10 Outsourcing Authentic African brand tasks
46:00 2023 plans - expanding the Authentic African brand
49:40 Outro


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