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The Winning Edge – Shawn Harper
Episode 109024th May 2022 • Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast • Robert Thibodeau
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The Winning Edge

Shawn Harper

In life, we often face difficulties and adversities. Often, these things make us better. We learn from our mistakes. For some, they view life as being “out to get them.” The perspective you take concerning adversity will determine if you are a winner or a loser in the game of life.

Our guest today knows what it is like to face adversity. He grew up with adversity. He struggled through adversity. But today, Shawn Harper is widely known for his unconventional ways, as his life journey dictates, step by step, how he overcame so much persecution and obstacles, that society said he would never amount to anything. But, against all odds, he proved them all wrong. He from the playing the bench for an entire year in junior college, to playing seven years in the National Football League for the LA Rams, the Houston Oilers and the Indianapolis Colts.

Shawn is the author of “The Winning Edge.” Shawn is also an investor, CEO and founder of American Services and Protection in Columbus, Ohio, and Bridge Builders International. He serves on the board of King’s Ransom Foundation. Shawn is actively involved in his church and is a loving husband, father and family man.

Help me welcome to the program, NFL great, Shawn Harper!  Shawn, it is an honor and privilege to have you on the program today!

The first question I always start with is this. Can you tell us in your own words, who is “Aaron Shawn Harper?

When did you drop the “Aaron” and start going simply by “Shawn?”

You teach people about winning. What is the secret to winning that most people never grasp without someone, such as yourself, showing them this secret?

My background in the Army, I did 12 years in the Cavalry and was also a drill sergeant, drill instructor. I know that you must train in the same environment and same intensity as you are going to fight. That is what makes us successful.

You obviously did these things in football.  When was “that moment” when you realized you could enjoy enduring the pain for the rewards of success in football?

The gifts of God are supposed to flow THROUGH us and not just TO US.  How do you help people to understand this concept in your coaching?

You said, “Winners do what others won’t do and winners do what others are not willing to do.” How has this type of attitude helped you in setting up your coaching business and how has this helped you to motivate your students to achieve success?

In your NFL career, when did you come to decision to prepare a business for AFTER the NFL?

When you decided to pursue the next level, did you hire a coach that could guide you towards your goals? Be it to the NFL and especially your business life after the NFL?

How do you utilize, what you call, “leverage?”  Explain what that term means and how you help others to “leverage” their way to success…

You also discuss the habits elite level athletes use to win in business and life. Can you share a bit about those habits?

Tell us about your book, “The Winning Edge.” How can someone get a copy of your book, “The Winning Edge?”

Shawn, I do appreciate your time to visit with us today.

If someone wanted to get in touch with you, to ask a question, invite you to come out and speak at their church or event, or possibly to do an interview such as this, how can they do that? What’s the best way to get in touch with you?

I’ll put links to all of this down below in the show notes.

Folks, in the brief interview with former NFL great, Shawn Harper, now a successful business owner, speaker and coach, you’ve heard some things that I believe will help you to achieve the success you were destined and created for. I urge you to go down into the show notes and reach out to Shawn. Be sure to grab his book as he is offering to YOU, right now, for free on his website! Praise God!  Just go down into the show notes and click the links right there.

Shawn, again, I want to thank you for joining us today and carving some time out of your busy schedule to share about your faith and your success and to bring this message to others. I do appreciate it.





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