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CoreBrain Journal - Dr Charles Parker 31st January 2018
190 Molds Mycotoxins & Treatment Failure – Pratt-Hyatt
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190 Molds Mycotoxins & Treatment Failure – Pratt-Hyatt

How Molds And Their Mycotoxins Create Treatment Failure

ED Note: These notes on Molds and Mycotoxins are sparse because I'm a day late with this Episode's publication because the computer/network servers beyond my understanding or expertise simply weren't talking to each other correctly. CBJ crashed during my customary weekend writing time. More coming later.

See the excellent complimentary interview below from Dr. Woeller.

Dr. Matthew Pratt-Hyatt reports that he received his Ph.D. in cellular and molecular biology from the University of Michigan. He's written over a dozen publications in leading research journals. He is currently am Associate Laboratory Director at The Great Plains Laboratory and specializes in developing tools that examine factors at the interface between genetics, toxicology, and mycotoxins from specific mold species.

The Great Plains Laboratory comprehensive testing for Mycotoxins is cost-effective, based on easy urine samples and available globally: GPLMycoTox references below. He makes it clear at the end of this interview that Great Plains also provides trained biomedical professionals to help understand and interpret these interesting, clinically provocative new findings.

Listen up as Dr. Pratt-Hyatt reviews his significant experience and clinical challenges with identifying and treating mycotoxin insults to improve brain function.

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Thanks, Dr. Hyatt-Pratt for joining us here at CBJ to review the latest better brain solutions for surmounting the challenges so often seen with this remarkably overlooked environmental challenge.

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