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How Kudosy Is Revolutionizing Kids' Financial Education | Ep. 259
Episode 25931st August 2023 • Money Talk With Tiff • Tiffany Grant
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Looking to teach your kids about money and financial literacy? Tyler Nicholls, the creator of Kudosy, has the perfect solution. Kudosy is an innovative education app that helps parents give their children points for good behavior they can use as a financial playground.

With Kudosy, parents are able to help their children learn about saving, investing, and overall financial concepts in an easy-to-use interface. Learn more about Tyler's development roadmap for this revolutionary app and how it encourages family economics while teaching important financial lessons.

Tune in now to learn about Kudosy and how it can help you raise financially literate children!

About Our Guest

Tyler Nicholls, a dynamic and seasoned entrepreneur with a passion for making a significant impact, is dedicated to serving people on a large scale through innovative software solutions. A graduate of Brigham Young University with a degree in Business Strategy, Tyler possesses a strong academic background that has informed his entrepreneurial pursuits. His dedication to education led him to a teaching career in 7th grade math at inner-city schools through the Teach for America program. To further expand his expertise, Tyler pursued a Master's degree from Boston University.

As an avid investor and personal finance aficionado, Tyler has been deeply influenced by his father, a life-long financial advisor. This familial connection to finance has fueled his passion for financial literacy and its importance in today's world. Tyler's love for inventing software that creates a meaningful impact inspired him to establish Kudosy, a groundbreaking platform designed to empower individuals and families with financial knowledge.

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