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Bring Your Product Ideas to Life - Vicki Weinberg EPISODE 18, 17th July 2020
Should I source my product overseas?
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Should I source my product overseas?

You can read the entire blog post here.

I can’t tell you what’s best for you and your product, but I can tell you that I have sourced products from the UK, USA, China and India and all are possible! 

Today I cover:

  • The pros and cons of sourcing in your own country
  • The pros and cons of sourcing your product overseas
  • How to overcome some of the challenges of sourcing overseas

If you do need to (or decide to) source your product overseas, here are some ways around the disadvantages I’ve shared.

If you’re concerned about quality, I’d suggest ensuring you get at least two samples (so you can compare) of your product before placing a mass order. 

Shipping is a cost to consider, but if the production cost is lower it may even out. Shop around for the best shipping price. Remember, the shipping method you use (air, rail, sea, etc) all impact on costs and the time taken. It may be that it’s worth waiting an extra 7-10 days for your goods to arrive, if it saves you money.

There are definitely ways to verify suppliers. Much of this can be done online, but you can also pay for an inspection if this puts your mind at rest.

There may be communication issues. To help with this, you can keep your communications short, clear (remember they may well be ran through an online translation tool, so keep your language as simple as you can) and number questions, so it’s easy to keep track.

There’s not much you can do about customs fees, unfortunately. You might want to consider DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) shipping, if you don’t want to deal with it yourself – but it is a cost you will have to pay if you’re importing.


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