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152: How to Dominate by Outperforming Yourself with Patrick Bet David
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152: How to Dominate by Outperforming Yourself with Patrick Bet David


Patrick Bet David is one of my role models. I religiously watch his videos on youtube which now has over 1 million subscribers and over a Billion minutes watched!

Patrick went from living in a refugee camp in Germany and collecting  cans and beer bottles at the age of 12 to earn pennies to growing a wildly successful insurance agency with almost 10,000 agents across 48 states

On his show Valuetainment he has interviewed major icons from Billionaire Founders Mark Cuban and Steve Wozniak to Mafia Bosses and Sports heroes like Magic Johnson.


He revealed

  • How hiring the right people is like dating
  • How to avoid distractions and shiny objects
  • How to outsource tasks and maintain full control
  • How he landed guests like Mark Cuban and Magic Johnson
  • How he grew his YouTube channel to over a million subscribers
  • How to deal with self doubt and a scarcity mindset
  • How one blog post got national media attention
  • How to become irreplaceable

And MUCH MUCH more ..

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