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Two Blokes Trading - Learn to Trade Online - Tom Constable and Owen Roberts (Two Blokes Trading) 27th July 2019
155.Shootin the breeze:)
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155.Shootin the breeze:)

This week on episode 155 of the Two Blokes Trading podcast:

In Today’s episode, Philip and Peder discuss potential news related market announcements that could potentially create some opportunities to trade this week, followed by an off the cuff chat about the fundamental & technical side of trading the financial markets.  PLEASE JOIN OUR SLACK GROUP BELOW!!!!!


About Philip Hennigan and Peder Kolstad Solberg

Philip and Peder are both retail traders with several years experience trading all asset classes from equities, Forex and also commodities. Peders approach is through technical analysis and he would be considered a short-term trader with a 1-3 week time horizon on a single position. Philip is a more global macro and event-driven trader who focuses more heavily on fundamental analysis than technical.

Main Topics Discussed:

Fundamentals vs Technicals

Multi-time frame analysis

fundamental analysis






Interest rates

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