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How to Price Your Art – Eeva Nikunen
16th May 2019 • iCreateDaily Podcast • iCreateDaily Podcast
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Pricing Your Art

In the past few weeks, we’ve had several discussions in our iCreateDaily community about pricing your art. This is a huge topic with many different things to consider, such as:

  • Type of art
  • Experience
  • Materials used
  • Charging for time versus materials

While we’re not experts on this topic, we invited a previous guest artist to share her tips.

Eeva Nikunen – Fantasy Artist

Eeva Nikunen is an artist and illustrator, born and living in the south of Finland. Much of her work is inspired by the stories and imagery of Finnish and Russian folktales, as well as the timeless heroes and heroines found in classic literature.

With the emphasis on detail and the use of intricate brushwork, Eeva’s oil paintings are reminiscent of classic fairy tale illustrations, where human and animal creatures alike possess a magical and dreamlike quality.

Eeva completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree with an emphasis on design studies at the Institute of Art and Design in Vantaa, Finland. Her work has been exhibited at art festivals and conventions around Finland and at The Haven Gallery in New York City, and Eeva’s work has also appeared in publications such as the ImagineFX magazine.

Eeva is also an author of two fabulous publications:

  • Enchanted Valley Creativity Journal
  • Elvin Kingdom adult coloring book

Conversation Points:

  • Eeva’s first published creativity journal
  • First New York solo show
  • Contacting art galleries
  • Selling art locally
  • Eeva’s plans for 2019
  • Developing your art brand
  • Selling art at conventions
  • How to price your art
  • Why you never discount art
  • Product creation for artists


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