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Episode 449 Demonstrating A Living Faith – Jesus Fifth Message to the Modern Church – John Meacham pt 2
15th February 2019 • Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast • Robert Thibodeau
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Demonstrating a Living Faith

 Jesus Fifth Message to the Modern Church – John Meacham


Hello everyone everywhere, this is Pastor Robert Thibodeau and I want to thank you for joining us on the Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast today. We have a special guest for you today, a good friend of our ministry is back and I know you will be getting a lot of information that will bless you today. So get your note pad and pen ready, because these interviews go fast…it seems like we just get started and it’s time to end – anytime we talk with John Meacham.

John Meacham has served Christ’s Church as a Christian author, lay pastor, supply preacher, elder, workshop leader, small-group coordinator, Bible-study instructor, and Sunday-school teacher. As a part of his church work, John developed a small-group program titled AIM (An Involved Membership) and prepared a group study guide for the book “Is Your Church Heavenly? A Question from Christ for Every Christian” (published in 2008)
JohnMeacham spent eight days at the Sea of Galilee in 2005. During this time, he received a new revelation from Christ that involved messages that spoke of the state of the seven churches in today’s modern time. His previously released work, ‘Is Your Church Heavenly?’ details both his experience and the messages he received, and I recommend that book to you.

Today, we are going to continue our discussion about “The Heavenly Church” and it involves Jesus Messages to the churches today. If you missed any of the previous episodes, GO BACK and listen to them! This message is so important.  The episodes you need to go back to in our archives is Episodes 411, 412, 435, 436, 443 and 444!  We don’t have the time today to go over the information in those episodes – so I encourage you to go back and listen to those as well as what John has to share with us today!  Amen!

Help me welcome back to the program, our good friend, John Meacham!  John, thank you for coming back on the program and your willingness to share these important messages to the modern day church – especially here in America.

John, as we said before, the churches today are just shells of what Jesus meant for the church to be. As we have said before, the American church, not all, but most – are just social clubs with virtually no Biblical significance in American culture. You can see the lack of impact all over the news.

Today, we want to talk about “Demonstrating a Living Faith.” What do you mean by that term?

I like the part where you clearly state that the church today is mostly filled by hypocrites. That is a powerful, but accurate term. Explain to those who may be wondering if they are a hypocrite or not, how they can know…

Summary of God’s soon to be “Judgment on America,” as given to Robert Thibodeau…

You say the Lord has told you to “Strengthen what remains and to remember the Father’s Holy Word.” How do you interpret that statement?

Do you see the United States of America as a modern “Jezebel” in the eyes of the Kingdom of God?

John, there is only one cure for all of the troubles plaguing America right now. It is not one political party over another. It is not one individual politician over another. It is NOT one denomination or even one church over another. The ONLY CURE is to REPENT on an individual basis.

I mean, think about this now, folks…

If YOU repent and receive the forgiveness of you sins. If YOU accept Jesus as your Lord and your Savior. THEN, share what just happened to you with someone else…encourage them to do the same….THEN that person does that also…and so on and so on – WE CAN CHANGE THIS NATION!

John, I want to thank you for all you have shared today. Every time we talk, it seems like we just go on and on.  But we have run out of time for today. Tell everyone how they can get in touch with you, if they have any questions or maybe someone wants to do an interview such as this…

Amen. I look forward to the next conversation coming up. What is the topic of that conversation is going to be?

Folks, there you have it. As Deuteronomy [30:19] clearly states, the LORD our God has placed the choice into your hands. He has placed before ONLY two choices. Life or Death. Blessing or Cursing.  Then, He tells which one you should choose. He says, “Choose LIFE.”

He will not force you to choose Him. He will not force you to give up your sinful life. But the day will soon be here when all opportunities to choose life or death will no longer be available. As I have said many times before, failure to choose is a choice. And it is the wrong choice.

Much like a multiple choice test in school. You can choose option A or option B. If you just leave it blank, thinking “I’ll get to that question later” and then time “runs out” – you get the answer wrong.

On this particular question, getting it wrong is an Eternal FAILURE. Getting right means ETERNAL LIFE!

Go to John Meacham’s website, “” and look around. Email John. Ask questions. GET IT RIGHT!

For John Meacham and I myself, this Pastor Bob reminding you to BE BLESSED IN ALL THAT YOU DO!

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