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Episode 78 Interview Ganel-Lyn Condie-Trust the Process
14th March 2018 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 78: Interview with Ganel-Lyn Condie

One of the things that I believe that we run up against in this day in age is the issue of self-condemnation, comparison, expectations,  – we live in a cultural space of doing it all; a social media space of seeing it all – all the great vacations, all the great relationship tributes, all the perfectly prepared meals and nicely decorated homes, the business accolades of associates and friends, the award banquets and the celebrations – all wonderful things, but of course, only part of the story. We should earn good money, we should be good parents, we should create good in the world by starting a non-profit that will save the starving orphans in Africa and stop the sex trade. And, don’t forget, you should look hip, thin, and extremely put together while doing it. There are moral and ethical realms that we should be topping out on, and of course, everyone else seems to be pulling it off in a sense of knowing and purpose.

I’m always talking about how life is Messy – I have a whole podcast episode on this – episode 8 – Life is Messy and that’s Okay; so when I hear speakers or read books with the message that WE ARE ALREADY OKAY AND DOING GREAT, when I find messages that allow for our realness and our learning and our self-acceptance and self-love as our story unfolds it strikes a cord. It feels good. I eat it up.

Ganel-Lyn Condie has a talk out on CD called You Are Already Walking on Water, and a new book coming out called You Are More Than Enough, if that’s all I knew about Ganel-Lyn I’d definitely want to talk to her, but she was also the Managing Editor at Wasatch Woman magazine when I wrote for them,  so we’ve got some background. I’ll let Ganel-Lyn tell you how she got from there to being the author of 7 books, becoming a popular motivational speaker known for inspiring others with her unique honesty, authenticity and spirit,.and we’ll get into a discussion on TIMING, on KNOWING YOU ARE ENOUGH, and ultimately on TRUSTING THE PROCESS.

Tune in to my interview with Ganel-Lyn.

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