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How Can Professionalism Improve the Automotive Industry? [AW 161]
Episode 16110th June 2023 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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Mac Akram, the owner of Mack's Complete Auto Repair in Chandler, Arizona, discusses the importance of professionalism in the automotive industry, including keeping the shop clean and organized and using digital vehicle inspections to provide better service. Mac believes that raising the standards of the industry is crucial to gaining the trust of customers. Mac also encourages shop owners to invest in training for their technicians.

Mac Akram, Mac's Complete Auto Repair, Chandler, AZ.

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  • Professionalism in the Automotive Industry (00:05:22) Mac and Carm Capriotto discuss the importance of raising the standards of the automotive industry to improve professionalism, including listening to customers, keeping the shop clean and organized, and using digital vehicle inspections.
  • Importance of Digital Vehicle Inspections (00:07:53-00:09:22) Mac discusses the benefits of using digital vehicle inspections, including taking photos and videos of the vehicle, and using animation videos to explain repairs to customers.
  • Investing in Training and Staying Up-to-Date (00:13:39-00:14:51) Mac emphasizes the importance of investing in training for technicians to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and equipment in the industry.
  • Dressing for Success (00:15:17) Mac discusses his preference for his technicians
  • Tour of the Shop (00:16:06) Carm and Mac take a tour of Mack's Complete Auto Repair, discussing the waiting room, office, restroom, and lunchroom, as well as the shop's white floors.
  • Coaching (00:20:45) Mac talks about his decision to hire a coach and how it helped him transition from a technician mentality to a business owner mentality.
  • Integrity and Transparency (00:22:24) Mac talks about how he is honest with his customers about the condition of their cars and the cost of repairs.

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