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Episode 331 – Karin Carr, REAL Brokerage and Warren Dow, Savvy Card
Episode 3314th October 2022 • The Real Estate Sessions • Bill Risser
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Episode 331 - Karin Carr and Warren Dow

Have you yet noticed that a significant part of running your real estate business involves marketing? 

Organic or inorganic. Cold emails or phone calls. Tech or traditional. Though the channels are varied, the purpose is to generate more contacts: contacts that not only visit but also convert. And while you can't spend your entire budget on promotions, when it comes to optimizing your marketing strategy and increasing the effectiveness of your efforts, there are many ways to go about it.

Today's special episode (recorded live at the High Tech High Touch event in Buffalo) introduces you to two special guests. Karin Carr and Warren Dow, who, in a brief 19 minutes, teach you two incredibly effective practices that could skyrocket sales for your real estate business. The best part? These would not cost you the scores of money you think marketing takes.

Meet Karin Carr and Warren Dow in this episode. Karin is a successful Team lead for REAL Brokerage and a YouTube coach for real estate agents, and Warren Dow is the General Manager of Real Estate at SavvyCard. While Karin shares how she built a massively successful YouTube Channel that thrived with video content to pull customers in, Warren expands on how the correct utilization of technology can prove immensely helpful.

In a nutshell:

● When checking out paid digital ads, Karin spent a chunk of money only to realize it didn't compare to organically marketing her business through her YouTube videos. Though the paid ad campaign did generate leads and had people fill out the form she had on her website, most of them got in with bogus information or information that caused more trouble than good.

● Promoting yourself also comes with the advantage of generating contacts that know your value beforehand. That helps avoid rebates, pricing and commission questions, and unnecessary interviews.

● The only thing that matters to the people who hire you is how you help them solve their problems. Your troubles don't matter so much as your ability to help others out of theirs.

● As with any other kind of marketing and sales, understanding where your buyer is in the sales funnel is crucial in real estate also. 

● Technology alone or human intervention alone might not help you achieve the success you desire in today's times. Understand that no one can replace your job as a real estate agent, but also teach yourself to befriend technology instead of fearing it. Using online business cards instead of printed ones can be your first step.

Meet The Guests!

Karin Carr is a YouTube coach for real estate agents. She owns the REAL brokerage firm Georgia Coast Homes and authored the book YouTube for Real Estate Agents.

Warren Dow is the General Manager of Real Estate at SavvyCard. He comes with hands-on, deep expertise and proven results in the real estate industry. 

Time Stamps

[00:00] Sneak peek

[00:22] Intro

[01:48] Meet Karin Carr, who's also a trained opera singer

[02:32] Blogging vs. Cold Calling: How a humble blog turned into a massive business generation tool for Karin

[04:37] Embedding a YouTube video into your blog

[05:27] On deciding to record herself + getting the video transcribed

[07:41] The type of videos Karin did + the idea of retiring in Savannah

[08:36] Paying for SEO campaigns and ads only to receive bogus information + opting out of them

[10:32] One piece of advice about using videos

[11:21] Warren's background and how he plans to bring the high-tech and high touch world together

[12:44] Why technology can never replace a realtor

[15:32] What channels should you use when following up with your leads?

[16:13] How a marketing funnel looks like and why it's not one-size-fits-all 

[18:15] One piece of advice for you to adopt technology in your real estate business

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