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What You Need to Know About Bid Optimization on Amazon
Episode 361st September 2021 • The Ad Project • Ad Advance
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Dr. Florian Nottorf is co-founder and co-CEO of the ABOUT YOU subsidiary ADFERENCE, an AdTech specialist that develops innovative advertising technologies for Amazon and Google Ads. Before founding Adference at the beginning of 2014, the doctor of business informatics researched scientifically excellent methods in online marketing. At ADFERENCE, Florian leads an expert team of now over 60 employees. Florian is co-host of the weekly leading German Amazon Advertising Podcast 'Vitamin A - Deine Dosis Amazon PPC'.

 In this week’s episode of The Ad Project podcast, we cover all things bid optimization, and how it relates to structuring campaigns, conversion rate, keywords, new features on Amazon and the balance between software and hands-on management.