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Climate Change: Reforestation
Episode 431st May 2024 • Acute Astronomy • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Intro to Topic

Reforestation is replanting trees in certain areas that have been affected by natural and unnatural disturbances. At the same time, deforestation is the removal and destruction of a forest or area of trees. Reforestation is incredibly important for the environment, while deforestation harms the environment. So, how do reforestation and deforestation affect climate change and the ozone layer?

Segment 1: Reforestation and Deforestation in relation to climate change

Reforestation and deforestation both greatly affect climate change but in opposing ways. Reforestation helps slow down reforestation and contributes to the healing of our environment. On the other hand, deforestation speeds up climate change and negatively affects wildlife, humans, and the Earth itself.

Segment 2: Deforestation and the Ozone Layer

Deforestation greatly affects the ozone layer and that can be incredibly harmful to humans and other walks of life as well. Because of a lower oxygen level caused by deforestation, the ozone layer could continue to thin. If the ozone layer thins, then all walks of life are in danger.

Segment 3: Reforestation and the Ozone Layer

Reforestation helps reduce the thinning of the ozone layer and maintain it’s protective shield from the ultraviolet radiation. Pollution into the ozone layer is greatly reduced with the planting of trees. It’s strongly encouraged to be a part of reforestation and help plant trees in all different locations.

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