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Navigating Leadership, Self-Growth and Reflection x Akua Nyame-Mensah | S5 Ep.10
Episode 1021st December 2023 • The Sound of Accra Podcast • Adrian Daniels
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Adrian speaks to the accomplished Akua Nyame Mensah, Founder and CEO of A.N.M and Company. She is an executive and leadership coach, facilitator, and speaker. Join us as we explore Akua's insights on leadership, personal development, and the art of creating spaces that foster positive connections.

She is also a leader who has been involved in the Google initiative #IamRemarkable, which focuses on promoting self-promotion and leadership skills. This initiative started internally at Google and has now expanded to help people worldwide. Akua Nyame Mensah works primarily with leaders and believes that self-promotion is a crucial skill for leadership. She is passionate about helping people reflect on their relationship with self-promotion and empowering them to develop this essential skill.


In this podcast, we discuss:

- Akua's experiences from the frontline of coaching

- Her podcast, "Open Door Conversations" and how it serves as a space for self-reflection and growth

- The importance of self-leadership, setting boundaries, and embracing diversity
- The significance of intentional reflection

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00:00 Icebreaker - The Sound of Accra Podcast 3rd Anniversary and friendship 

05:36 Self-promotion and self-love are key for growth.

09:21 Supporting leaders in achieving their big goals.

10:47 LinkedIn: Showcase specific talents and intentions effectively.

16:15 Carve out time for reflection and action.

17:14 Schedule reflection time, analyze expenses, track progress.

23:06 Consistency of actions impacts employee loyalty.

26:10 Business focuses on coaching emerging leaders strategically.

29:29 Young leadership coach discusses relatable experiences.

31:17 Overcoming challenges, improving speaking and interviewing skills.

33:51 Creating platform to share and self-promote.

39:56 Create space, reflect, and cultivate self-awareness.

40:56 Being aware of self-evolution and self-care.

45:14 Seeking reviews and references for podcast episodes.

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