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Merciful Photographer Shae 1SicB w/MS.
Episode 2011th November 2021 • 1 SicB • Brandi Jones
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Shae is a Photographer/clothing designer thriving w/MS. I had the pleasure of interviewing Shae earlier this June. She was thriving with the diagnosis of Lupus and MS for years. She spoke on living with an autoimmune disease and mental health. Shae source of strength, tenacity and fight is unimaginable. She never let the diagnosis stop her from being an awesome mother to a visually impaired daughter and a wife. Shae even started a clothing line called Popbox apparel .Shae is so dope, that's why I had to certify her as 1SicB. Fast forward to October, her doctor gave her the news that she didn't have Lupus, only MS. This was a happy moment but at the same time how many others have gone misdiagnosed. 3 of 5 1SicB guests have been misdiagnosed or go years w/o being diagnosed.