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The One Where They Avoid Photography Business Failure
Episode 3528th November 2023 • Cowgirls with Cameras • Kimberly Beer, Cara Taylor Swift and Phyllis Burchett
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Photography Business Blunders: Our Pivotal Shift

In this eye-opening episode, we dive deep into the heart of our photography business mistakes and the pivotal moments that reshaped our paths. Join us as we discuss:

1. Pricing and Self-Value: We kick off by confronting the elephant in the room - not charging enough due to our own limiting beliefs. Discover how we overcame these hurdles by understanding the true value of our work and expertise.

2. Marketing Missteps: Next, we unpack the lessons learned from neglecting key marketing strategies, particularly networking and follow-up. We share our journey from confusion to clarity in marketing our unique services.

3. Breaking the Mold: Hear about our struggle with conforming to industry norms, especially in equine/equestrian photography, and how it led to dissatisfaction and ineffectiveness. Our pivot? Designing a business model that caters to our clients while fitting seamlessly into our lives.

4. Client Process Perfection: Learn about the transformation in our client organization methods. We discuss creating a consistent, clear flow that ensures every client knows exactly what to expect, resulting in glowing testimonials.

5. Finally, Phyllis shares her story - not so much a mistake but a major pivot. Realizing that portrait work and sales didn't align with her aspirations, Phyllis embraced a business model that supported her love for travel and her lifestyle goals.

This episode is a must-listen for every photography entrepreneur aiming to align their business with their personal goals and aspirations. Tune in for an honest, insightful, and transformational journey through our photography business missteps and the pivotal changes that led us to success.

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