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112 - To Be or Not to Be Vulnerable - Part 2
Episode 1129th March 2020 • Assertive Radiance • Nadia Fleury | Alchemist & Creative Visionary
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In the last episode, I mentioned in the end that my vulnerability allowed me to open Pandora's box. 

The old saying suggests leaving the box close. To not let fear and all other troubles come in the open. Well, to be honest, I felt much better after the emotional breakdown. This makes me wonder how much trouble it causes - in wasted energy when choosing to keep the emotions in the box.

I learned, in the past four years, that every time I leaned into my most vulnerable state, something new gets created.  

As an alchemist, I know that thoughts are energy and to create new thoughts, new plans or strategies something needs to be broken down. And that every breakdown leads to breakthroughs. In some ways - when it is seen as such, vulnerability acts as a catalyst for growth. 

What I’ve discovered is that frustration consumes energy and suppressed feelings will oftentimes turn into negative feelings, which most likely will bring anxiety, drama, and shortcomings.  

In this episode I’m sharing how vulnerability brings newness, bringing forth the time and energy needed to create plans and strategies to do the work needed for success.  



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