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Guillaume Barrault with Dynamox
6th March 2024 • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie • The Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott MacKenzie
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Industrial Talk is onsite at SMRP 31 and talking to Guillaume Barrault, CEO of Dynamox about "Solving client’s asset performance challenges through collaboration".  Here are some of the key takeaways from our conversation:
  • The podcast is hosted by Scott MacKenzie, a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting-edge industry-focused innovations and trends.
  • The platform is dedicated to industrial professionals all around the world.
  • The podcast was broadcasting on site in the middle of the floor at SMRP, 31.
  • Guillaume Barrault, the CEO of Dynamox, was the guest on the podcast. Dynamox is the leading company in South America for wireless vibration sensors.
  • Dynamox started in Brazil and listened very strongly to their customers. One of their first clients was a Pulp and Paper Company and the second one was a mining company.
  • Dynamox has about 250 people, from that 150 are highly qualified with 100 engineers, 25 Masters, and 10 PhDs.
  • Dynamox doesn’t just sell sensors, they sell a partnership. They understand the boundary condition that each company has and look at the maturity of the company.
  • They aim to combine predictive maintenance with asset performance. They monitor idlers for maintenance and can see the performance of the belts if they are misaligned.
  • Guillaume can be contacted at
  • The podcast ended with a call to action to tell your story on Industrial
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Welcome to the Industrial Talk Podcast with Scott Mackenzie. Scott is a passionate industry professional dedicated to transferring cutting edge industry focused innovations and trends while highlighting the men and women who keep the world moving. So put on your hard hat, grab your work boots, and let's ride


once again, thank you very much for joining Industrial Talk a platform dedicated to you industrial professionals all around the world. You are bold, yes, brave, you dare greatly. You're a celebrity in my books, and you're changing lives and you're changing the world. That's why we celebrate you right there, pointing out the video. You on this platform each and every day we are broadcasting on site, we are right in the middle of the floor here at SMRP, 31. That's 31 years of being able to provide a great conference like this. This one's bigger, better, stronger, faster. It is a better conference all around a lot of people milling about a lot of people looking for solutions. And a lot of people solving problems at this goto That's Find out more, get engaged, you will not be disappointed. Absolutely. Guillaume is in the house. We're going to be talking a little bit about people. We're going to be talking about people and making better decisions. So let's get cracking. Guillaume, how you doing?


Yeah, very well. Thank you.


I'd like to say how I met Guillaume, is because sadly, my lights were causing problems. And he came on over and said my lights are causing problems for them. And And rightly so they were


indeed, we come to a compromise.


We did. I tried to turn them down a little bit more. Oh my gosh, I don't know what to do. But it's true. But he was kind and very professional about the whole thing. So that's all good. All right. For the listeners out there, give them give us a little just background on who you are.


So my name is Guillaume. I'm currently the CEO of Dynamox. It's the leading company in South America, but vibration wireless sensors. And we now attending for the first time SMRP events. It's nice event, we're quite happy and enjoying the presence in the highest professional so you enjoy the food. yesterday that was even better than today, actually. But I still enjoy today.


I concur. I agree with you. 100%. All right, let's talk a little bit about what, what makes Dynamax so unique and different. Help us understand that from a from a listeners perspective.


Well, we we actually starting in Brazil, as you know, Brazil is a big country. But it's a tough country to build a company. And the toughest it is if you still surviving you becoming one of the strongest player. And that's what happened, actually. And when we started we listen very strongly to our customers. And one was a Pulp and Paper Company clubbing, one of the top 10 pulp and paper company in the world. And the second one was Valley, it's up to the second biggest company mining company in the world. He didn't get involved in sugar, we do have had to know but that wasn't one of the first clients. And they there was not they were unkind with us, they were telling us the pain. So and by listening to them, and we had very high tech company, you got people in it. So we're about 250 people from that 150 Very highly qualified 100 engineers, 25 Masters 10, PhD, so very, very strong academic background, and we have the the old elephants, that's the one at 30 years of industrial backgrounds. So we mixed up those guys with us actually.


So So take us through what what Dynamax does. Do you got the vibration, capability wireless vibration? How do you help people make better decisions.


So before long time ago, like five years ago, the wireless sensor was the end now it's just to mean so we have well as well, vibration sensors and we have actually current and voltage sensors as well. But at the end of the day, we can have the best technology ever. And what is important is what could be the best ergonomic view to help the person make a good decision. And to us. The people are in the middle of a solution. We when we hurt our intelligence, artificial intelligence can supply people or if we help people to make a better decision, but at the end of the You would always have someone that would need to press a button and take the decision when the correct is going to be made when the maintenance is going to be made, or service order. If it's Burton, it's not, what's the feedback of what's going on on the site on the plant? So it is very important to be economic for those guy who make the decision or take the decision. And that's what makes different about us. That's what Dynamax is. See?


You're right, you're touching on something that everybody's looking for? Well, not everybody on on something that's sort of an exaggeration, but a lot of people are looking for that silver bullet, that silver bullet, meaning I'm having a hard time. I don't want to deal with people sometimes. But but so I'm looking for solutions that I don't have to deal with people. But the reality is, is that it is always people always have technologies, the technology, right? But we find people that companies are trying to figure out how to get around all of that, but there's no does your solution. Does your your solution? Is it easy to access information? Is it easy to sort of come to that conclusion, make decisions? Like how do you do that?


The first thing is there is no miracle solution? No, it doesn't. That doesn't exist. So the people who are looking for the silver bullet, as you mentioned, is going to be always frustrated, because it's always a matter of of compromising. So what we bring into the table is the fact that we understand the boundary condition that each company has, and what we we were looking, it's the maturity of the company, where it stands to. And we actually partner up with them, we don't sell census, we sell a partnership. And we actually lift the company maturity up to the best level. So we can go up to predictive maintenance to reliability and using the reliability sensors and the information to get to asset performance. So that's that's what actually the journey is about. So when when today, people say what do you have to offer now? And they actually shouldn't ask this question is what do you have to offer with me within the next five years? Because if you buy a solution, what is a free now and stop offering it? You missing the point the industry 4.0 or 5.0, whatever you call it, it's not about what is being offered now. It's what's the journey is the people together, actually making with with each other for the next year or so I'm explaining that, if you're a mining company, your business is to produce mine, or iron or copper or whatever. But if so, you're a big fish. If you have if you partner up with a smaller fish, you get you get faster, and you actually able to attend higher productivity with the company can bring you high performance in IoT. And that's why we're bringing to the table. We're not just a simple man manual maintenance company we've been in communication or telecommunication to where is a problem. I remember one time in the middle of the Amazonia person asked me if we were able to send the information to the cloud, because he was monitoring long conveyor belt, and we say no problem. I call my friend, Elon Musk. And I say, can we use Starlink? And that's that was made. So we actually gathered telecommunication with a solution. And the person was able to see the solution in San Paolo, you know, straight from his desk. And that's where we provide a full solution within his boundary condition.


But you're not just you're much larger or much grander than just selling a vibration device. Yeah,




Yeah. Because you're, you're you you want, from what I hear that you're you're passionate about the success of your client. And Nothing's worse than Here you go, good luck, that type of mindset. You're, you're along the journey with them.


That's what we that's where we stand people first. So we standing for safety, very strong. It's very, very important. We were dealing every day with very, very risky situation. And we making sure that actually, the clients be able to produce more how objective is not to sell operation, our objective is to make our clients be more competitive. So it's totally different minds.


So you're not And here's the vibration device and good luck. Do you do you? Do you push off customers or clients or potential clients? who are just interested in a device and not not the relationship?


I have to say about that. I usually start the conversation has said, if you only interesting in instances, there is other players, we can advise you to go. But you don't go with us because we actually selling partnership. The second thing is, a month and a half ago happened that I received a call from a very high person into the scale of the company. And he said to him, I have some money left for industry 4.0 What do you have to sell me? I said, Hold it sorry. What's your pain? And say, no, no, no, you don't understand. I have money for digitalization. And he said, but what's your pain? To him? You You don't understand I have money. And I said, but if I don't know what your pain is, I'm not sure I'm going to be able to attend to you. So we that may be one of the first time ever I turned down a client. He was really not happy about that accident. But he refused


to compromise your your fundamental, you know, your purpose, your what what makes your company so unique. You didn't You didn't compromise on that? Well,


let's make the company very unique. It's high quality people very tech, and a mixed young elephants. very nerdy very background in terms of academically speaking, and the whole elephant, let's discuss tyranny. And but make sure that's the mayonnaise is taking the glue is getting and making sure that we actually attaining a pen into the end to the clients.


So with all that said, Do you have any sort of future vision of what things are happening or where they're going? What's for Dynavox? What is what are we here?


One thing we really aiming is to combine predictive maintenance with asset performance, as you're actually actually using senses to look at the maintenance prediction. And the sensors are already there. You actually can use it for asset performance. A very simple example is we monitoring. I mentioned comm various are going to continue with recovery. We are managing, monitoring, add lose. But what about idlis but actually, if we monitoring igloos for the maintenance, we able to actually see the performance of the belts, if he's misaligned. And if you have a very long conveyor belt, you may be losing material. And we're able to tell you, so you're combining maintenance with performance. And that's what we're getting at. And we actually integrating with CMMS system, ERP system. And we we aiming to go actually


I like it. I think I still think personally, that we're still at the tip of that iceberg. There's still so much more to be extracted. Do you sort of see the same thing?


Yeah, I said, but we need to be careful because you you may generate some frustration because expectation is so high. So it's basic to do your, your very plain rise, and actually bringing more to the table in the next five years.


See, I agree with you. Yeah. Look at me. No, I'm your fan. I love that. Well done. How did they get a hold of you? If they want to know more?


Boosts? 423 We were very welcoming you into a bush. Thank you very much.


Well, no, what's your email address? What? Are you active out there?


Yes, I am very much that we


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