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From Nothing to Profit - Matt Hoaglin and Kia Bondurant EPISODE 43, 30th September 2019
Corey Potter – A Photographer Podcast Interview
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Corey Potter – A Photographer Podcast Interview

Today’s podcast is an interview with Corey Potter. Corey photographed weddings for years and also worked with websites and SEO since he was 15. Once Corey had kids, he and his wife decided 40 weddings a year and homeschooling was too much. Corey says SEO is important but shouldn’t be your only priority. Make sure you have a Google MyBusiness listing and make sure your business name and phone number, etc is consistent across the internet. Listen in to get all of Correy’s tips and tricks for making your website rank well. Corey has a guide on his website you can download and read to get started. Design and aesthetic of your website has far less impact than an offer for your client. It doesn’t need to be pretty or different, it just needs to work. Think outside the box, writing articles for your blog (and others) that provides value to your potential clients. Corey also has an ebook with action items and also a course on learning to do this yourself versus hiring someone else.