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02: Diamonds out of Air: Ryan Shearman of Aether Diamonds
Episode 210th May 2023 • Climate Avengers • Elena Foukes
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On Today's Episode:

Ryan read about Direct Air Capture in Project Drawdown, and because he worked in high-end jewelry, wondered out loud to a friend “can we use DAC to make diamonds?” And the idea stuck. 

In this episode, we dive deep into two topics:

  1. Direct Air Capture
  2. Fundraising

We also cover:

  • The impact and influence of Project Drawdown
  • The sexiness of diamonds as a climate solution
  • How diamonds are Aether’s Tesla Roadster, and they have other high-value products
  • The importance of the climate community
  • How to engage on climate
  • Anther diamonds on celebrities
  • A deep dive into fundraising

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