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The Hard Thing Podcast - Justin Lewis EPISODE 106, 20th July 2020
Ep. 56: Finding God, Building Confidence and Solidifying Values with Treveal Lynch
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Ep. 56: Finding God, Building Confidence and Solidifying Values with Treveal Lynch

Today we learn how to approach faith, how to be a father, and how to build confidence!

Welcome back to the 56th episode of the Hard Thing Podcast.

Before we get to the show:

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Now to the show.

Today I share my conversation with Treveal Lynch, creator of https://www.iamthepossible.com/.

It was a great conversation. We moved all over the place talking about everything from faith to fatherhood.

We started off the conversation talking about Treveal’s experience finding his faith. It actually started off when Treveal was in jail. On a Sunday, Treveal found himself going to a worship service when he had a very impressive experience. Listen to the show to hear more.

We later talk about Treveal’s experience as a father and principles of building your children well. 

Treveal even left some action items for you to follow:

  1. Self Observation Everyday
  2. Contribution - Define what you want to contribute to the world
  3. Practice Patience in your failures.


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Again thanks so much for listening, and stay tuned to next week. Keep doing Hard Things, and Keep Overcoming Average.