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How Food Brings us Together
Episode 19th June 2022 • HV CARE Podcast • Hopewell Valley Student Publications Network
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Hopewell Valley Student Podcasting Network 

Show Name: Do You CARE?

Episode #1: How Food Brings Us Together 

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You are listening to Do You CARE? with your host(s) the HV CARE Leaders.

In this episode of Do You CARE the Podcast we discuss: different foods from our cultures we loved, the lunchbox moment, and how it affected people of color growing up .

Today’s Hosts: 

  • Olivia Kim
  • Xavier Jimenez
  • Anushka Agarwal
  • Jenny Lopez

Segment 1: Conversations of Our Favorite Foods from our Different Cultures

  • Each person shares their favorite dish growing up that is specific to their culture
  • Opens up about what cooking and eating was like for each of them

Segment 2: What is the Lunchbox Moment (with personal experiences)?

  • Google definition: “refers to a shared experience of being judged for the cultural food Asian American children bring to school”
  • The term caters to Asian Americans specifically
  • But we are aware that other cultures (which are expressed within our episode 1 podcast group) face this
  • The lunchbox moment brought feelings of cultural isolation and need for assimilation

Segment 3: Prevention/What Can You Do As An Ally? 

  • We must shift these feelings of embarrassment to ones of empowerment
  • Take pride in your culture 
  • We know this may be difficult at a PW, so that is why it is important for allies to help. 

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