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National Association for Primary Education - Mark Taylor 22nd December 2020
Year review and 2021 conference - NAPE 057
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Year review and 2021 conference - NAPE 057

This week we look back at what the National Association for Primary Education has achieved in 2020 and take a glimpse into 2021.

Our FREE resources have expanded for you in forms of:

  • Podcasts
  • YouTube
  • e-copies of our journal Primary First


There is now a new, 3rd Edition Teachers' Handwriting Book, containing the; teaching and practice handwriting pages to copy, children's development chart and the history of handwriting.

Our 2021 virtual conference is called 'TOWARDS A BALANCED AND BROADLY-BASED CURRICULUM'

The Conference, embracing a theme which has always been central to debate about children’s entitlements, has been highlighted by OfSTED as critical in curriculum development and its central importance has been further accentuated by the pressures under which primary schools are working in the post-lockdown phase as they prioritise what is perceived as essential in educational recovery.

Full details of how to get tickets coming in January 2021.

To find out more about NAPE please visit https://nape.org.uk/