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Episode 2 | The Legend of Sinbad, Dahmer Hour, Rich Kids, Reddit 50/50, Tapeworm Timmy
Episode 23rd February 2021 • Swifty Dialogues • Swifty Dialogues
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In this episode we discuss: the legend of the comedian Sinbad & his influence throughout the ages, Jeffry Dahmer & Tim Allen's relationship, Rich kids' names, browse the subreddit 50/50, and worry over Sinda's questionable water sources.

If you'd like to follow along our Reddit 50/50 discussion click on these links. Please keep in mind that some of these images contain gore and overall unpleasant images. While we joke, Swifty Dialogues does not condone/support any actions in the images nor the comments in the links. As such, they will all be labeled "[NSFW]":

[50/50] Beautiful Japanese Zen Garden | Rotting Dear with Disease [NSFW]

[50/50] men holding dead rats in their mouths as protest | two elderly brothers reunited for the first time in 40 years [NSFW]

[50/50] Beautiful autumn orange trees | Strong nuke explosion [NSFW]

[50/50] A cute pumpkin house | The aftermath of 5 drunk people vomiting [NSFW]




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