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S4 EP58: Looking at DEI data to create a consistent, holistic opportunity for all - Don Robertson, EVP & Chief Human Resources Officer, Northwestern Mutual
Episode 584th June 2024 • The Insurance Coffee House • Insurance Search
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“We wanted to make sure that there were slates, they were diverse and had all the groups represented. It isn't a case of trying to stop someone from getting something they deserve. What you're trying to do is make sure these other groups get the opportunities they deserve", says Don.

"I'm not a believer that we favor one group or another. I'm just a believer that everyone should have an opportunity.

Because we're just human beings and we follow patterns of behavior, we're not necessarily inclined to give everyone an opportunity.

Most of what we focused on was really just creating a more holistic opportunistic environment.”

On the Insurance Coffee House Podcast this week, Don talks about:

his journey from CFO and Sales to CHRO and the 4 key factors that attracted him in to the insurance industry

creating an institutionally consistent employee experience with opportunities for all

driving DEI change based on the evidence of data to create hope and purpose

meeting, coaching and exposing underrepresented groups to development and promotion opportunities

balancing beautiful traditions with a need to be modernize and not being able to town hall your way to change

the importance of understanding and representing clients’ cultures and communities

the scope of his role, covering HR, people and operations, as well as managing a team of 500-600  

his advice for leaders at interview and why he believes we’re going to become a skills-based economy

“The most important thing people need to do, whether it's my HR colleagues or people interviewing for roles, is to make sure you understand the relevant experiences and skill sets that are needed.

Roles and titles are going to become less important. Skills, capabilities and experience are going to be what rules the day.

We're going to become a skills-based economy, especially as things get to be more technology driven.”

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