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The Joy of Hiring [RR 716]
Episode 7164th February 2022 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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How did you develop your hiring process? Did you learn from other colleagues? Did you look online? Do you make decisions based on your intuition? Do you cross your fingers and hope for the best because you are desperate to fill a position? It’s time to take proven methods and guidance with Maylan Newton’s book  “The Joy of Hiring”. You’ll also hear from a shop owner that implemented the concepts from this book into her hiring routine. She says it has completely changed her process and improved her hiring skills.

Maylan Newton, ESI- Educational Seminars Institute, is a business coach, trainer and industry speaker. Previous Episodes HERE

Samantha Tracey, Scotty's Auto Repair Inc.  Riverside, CA

Key Talking Points

  • Wrong hires cost you- back legal position (hire and fire, wrongful termination, discrimination) 
  • Eliminate emotional and desperation hires
  • Do we hire too quickly and fire too slowly?
  • Firing someone shouldn’t be a surprise- are they meeting expectations to achieve success?
  • Rewriting job descriptions- can the new hire accomplish these tasks and jobs?
  • Skills test- confirming skills
  • Reading body language during the interview  
  • Be a ‘little business’ with a large company structure
  • How big is your toolbox? What is the value of your tools?
  • Consider having more than 1 person be involved in the interview but 1 person needs to have a final say
  • Hire for attitude, Train for aptitude

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