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Your Relationship with the Sales Board
10th August 2017 • The Higher Self with Danny Morel • Danny Morel
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From desperation to abundance, people’s lives can be fueled by anything. How does this translate into the results you get in your business? What are the two words you should live by? What is the one force that determines your prospecting efforts? On this episode, we talk about how these questions relate to your relationship with the sales board.


There are two words you can choose to live by in business, acceptance or refusal.

Refusal, just like acceptance is going to drive certain actions or lack thereof.

When you’re accepting about one thing, you’ll be accepting about a lot of things

At the start of the show, we talked about the reason people get in their own way every single day and the different things that can fuel people. Next, we talked about having respect for the sales board and your relationship with acceptance and refusal. Towards the end, we discussed why most of our lives are built on these two words.


Most of our lives have to do with what we accept and what we refuse to accept. If you accept being at the bottom of the sales board, it means there’s so much more you’re willing to accept in your life. So much is possible when you focus and remove the barriers that hold you back. If you want to tap into greatness, you have to remember that you have the ability to create, fortify, internalize and create that mental muscle inside of you that refuses to accept things you aren’t happy with.