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RV Maintenance Tips and Information for the DIY - Eric Stark 25th May 2015
↓Episode 11- Reverse Osmosis Systems for RV’s
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↓Episode 11- Reverse Osmosis Systems for RV’s

reverse_osmosis_water_filter_replacemnt.244113009_stdReverse Osmosis Systems for RV’s can be a great addition if you have the space for it. For an RV the RO System is the same as a house for the most part, just a little smaller. An RO System is the proven way to remove salt from the water source and gives you fresh salt free water. It is a simple system to use and maintain although quite often it is hyped up to as a complex system. I am not sure the hype is true because it is very simple to install, understand and maintain. After the initial install it is a matter of replacing the filters when needed.

This is a pretty simple system to understand. This is single faucet system, it does supply your entire RV. There are two pre-filters, one sediment and one carbon. After the filters the system will have a flow restrictor and the membrane. The membrane is many layers of materials that filters out all of the bad stuff that made it through the first two filters. And then there is a post filter to finish up the job. Finally the water ends up in a pressure tank that stops the flow of water when it is full, this keeps water from being wasted. RO systems have waste water that is not used and is ejected through the gray water plumbing, the amount is minimal but, you do need to know that.
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