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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 211, 12th August 2019
What To Expect From Podcast Movement 2019 [Episode 211]

What To Expect From Podcast Movement 2019 [Episode 211]

In a couple of hours, I fly out to Orlando Florida to attend Podcast Movement 2019. I was a keynote speaker at the first-ever Podcast Movement back in 2014, so I'm excited to see how the event -- the very large event -- has changed over five years.

But I'm not speaking at the event, which is weird. I'm just an attendee. And because I want to maximize my time at the event, I'm making some modifications to this week's episodes of Podcast Pontifications. 

Yes, this will be a miniseries once again, but an abbreviated, audio-only version. No video component (not that many people watch the video) and no 1,500-word accompanying blog post (which many people do like to read), and a little less rigor to the self-imposed time-constraint. 

Also, the focus and tone will be different. Normally, I draw from my own thoughts and experiences when I create these episodes. But my promise to myself at PM19 is to shut up, get out of smart people's way, and do a lot of listening. My intent is to then take what I've learned -- me, the old dog learning new tricks -- and report back to you on the items I found most compelling. Services, models, and people who also wish to advance podcasting.

That's the plan as of right now. But also the plan is to get back to packing. If you are attending PLEASE GET IN TOUCH so we can meet, even if it's only a quick meet-and-greet. 

See you in Orlando!