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Warrior Goddess Revolution - HeatherAsh Amara EPISODE 7, 16th February 2021
Creativity, Trauma, and Simple Medicine
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Creativity, Trauma, and Simple Medicine

"You know how every once in a while you do something and the little voice inside says, 'There. That’s it. That’s why you’re here.' …and you get a warm glow in your heart because you know it’s true? Do more of that."

I absolutely adore Jacob Nordby. He has a rare combination of skills: he is funny as hell, brave in his vulnerability, and humble of his immense talent. And did I mention funny as hell?

In this episode we talk about Jacob's creative journey, discovering his own trauma, the power of simplicity, how transformation sneaks up on you, and his brand new book, The Creative Cure: How Finding and Freeing Your Inner Artist Can Heal Your Life (with a foreword by his friend, artist Julia Cameron, author of The Artist's Way.)

Learn more about The Creative Cure and read two free chapters:


Get the Jacob's free download Creative Self Journal pdf we talk about in this podcast: