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Addressing Inequity in Rural California
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Addressing Inequity in Rural California


Smart Growth and Livable Communities Series – the widening disparity in California and the challenges to address across California’s regions

Guest & Organization:

Jim Mayer is President & CEO of California Forward, a bipartisan public interest effort to bolster democracy and improve the performance of government in California. Working with civic and governmental partners statewide, CA Fwd has been the consistent advocate for comprehensive governance reforms that will lead to better results and accountability. As its chief executive, Mayer has helped to usher California’s modernization of redistricting, primary elections, term limits, ethics and transparency laws – to empower voters, encourage bipartisan solutions and restore public trust. He shepherded CA Fwd’s efforts to build capacity within governments to improve outcomes, and to advance a shared agenda among private, civic and public sector leaders to sustainably and equitable increase prosperity.


California Forward

California Economic Summit’s Elevate Rural CA Initiative

Local Government Commission