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Episode: 238 – The Messages: A Story of Navigating Life Transitions and Embracing Change: Interview Dawn Kohler
Episode 2388th February 2023 • Love Your Story: Stories and discussions about personal growth, mindset and living with intention • Lori Lee
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Episode: 238 - The Messages: A Story of Navigating Life Transitions and Embracing Change

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. I’ve struggled for a month, since I read Dawn Kohler’s book, The Messages, to figure out how to introduce this woman, what direction to take our discussion, and how to adequately portray the events that took place in her life….I’ve come up with nothing that seems to fully do the job so I’m just going to say “wow” and jump right in. 

In her 30’s Dawn’s body simply would not let her get out of her car as she pulled into her thriving, award-winning computer company, for another day as CEO in a job she loved. She couldn’t get her hand to open the door. After sitting for hours she finally drove home and started on one of the most interesting and spiritual journey’s I’ve ever read about. She says, “by sheer self-mutiny, the self I was born to be decided to hijack the one I had created.”

Tune into the audio for Dawn Kohler’s story and the amazing things we are going to learn from it.

Dawn Kohler was an award-winning entrepreneur in the computer industry when she was abruptly summoned to take a life-altering course. What followed was an extraordinary healing journey from childhood abuse and rape. This journey took a giant toll on her, on her family, and on her marriage, but it gave her profound insights, incredible healing, and deep understanding. Combining these insights, and her business experience, Dawn became a sought-after Executive Coach helping leaders understand and enhance their impact on others and their contribution to the world. Her clients have included many of the most influential women in entertainment, as well as senior leaders at Sony Pictures, NBC Universal, Lionsgate, DreamWorks, Fox, Snapchat, Disney, and Amazon. 

Dawn is the author of 3 books including her recent memoir, The Messages, a prophetic journey.

Tune into my talk with Dawn. Here are just some of the things we talk about:

  1. While your book, The Messages, is the whole detailed story, will you please tell the listeners your story, and then we’ll move into where that brought you?
  2. In your recent memoir, you share the story of how you came to receive a series of what you experienced as divine messages. What were the messages? How will they impact us? And why do you think they came to you, a secular businesswoman? 
  3. In your book you share a conversation with your therapist where she said, “You followed your messages, faced your fears, encountered great upheavals, and released a lifetime of stored emotions that, honestly, I’m surprised have not killed you by now., It’s the hero’s journey. you want through the crucible in order to come out the other side and bring back a treasure to the kingdom.”
  4. The onset of your personal journey was marked by high anxiety and depression. We are certainly seeing an increase in both in our culture, do you think those symptoms are a kind of summons or awakening for all of us? 
  5. How do we answer the call to a greater life? Why are some called and some aren’t?
  6. In your book you say, “People need to understand how important it is to take responsibility for their own healing. We can avoid so much suffering if we embrace who we really are and learn to love more deeply.” How do we do this?
  7. You also said, “Our spirit is always trying to heal us, deepen our capacity to love, and guide us to where we can best serve. We just have to listen and follow our own path.” I want to talk about “our own path.” Your experience is incredible, but very different from my understanding of how the universe works. My sons are on paths that I can’t fully understand. This idea of our “own path” is really opening me up to allowance, but how do we support each other when our understanding and belief in a certain path differs from how someone else, especially people we love, are unfolding?


Here’s a thought…what are you doing in your life to move toward love, to move toward healing? Consider that question this week. I believe, when we all do our little parts, the difference it makes for the whole is monumental, for the whole is all of the parts. 

Consider what needs healing in you, and how you can move toward bringing more love into the world, and then take steps to do just that. That IS our best life….

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Loving this podcast!!!

December 5, 2021

I’ve only listened to two episodes and I’m already feeling how much this podcast is positively improving my life. I’m so glad this podcast exists and can’t wait to listen to all of the episodes and reflect on my life and work towards loving my story

by rweisz8 from United States



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