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Christian CEO Podcast with Kelly Baader - Kelly Baader EPISODE 49, 24th August 2018
Homeschool Coaching with Mich Nicolas Christian CEO University Member Highlights
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Homeschool Coaching with Mich Nicolas Christian CEO University Member Highlights

#49: THAT is Mich Nicolas, one of the shining stars inside our CCU (Christian CEO University) Campus.  Mich is one of those members makes you feel that all the hard work, blood, and sweat you’ve invested into building the community is so worthy!  There are a couple of reasons I invited her to come on the show:

  1. She is an action-taker. You will hear how she has struggled for years before she came to CCU, and how she broke through by participating inside the community, asking for advice, and steward that advice by taking actions, therefore she has the result to show forth. From Zero to over 380 leads a week and paid coaching clients.
  2. This podcast is all about Real People, Real Business, Real God. We are not so much about bragging certain formulas to get you to 6 or 7 figures business, but we are even more passionate to share the realness of the journey, so you can be inspired and encouraged. You will hear the raw and excitement from both of our voice, or you can watch it later on my Youtube channel.
  3. Many of you are still struggling with who your ideal clients are. This episode is for you! You will hear what Mich called it a “pivotal” moment for her business, it ended her struggles and went on to attract high-quality leads and generate revenue.

Here’s Mich’s Bio:

Mich Nicolas is a wife and homeschooling mom, and is a “recently turned homeschool coach.” For over 20 years, she has worked as an editor and writer in a Christian non-profit. While she continues to freelance in publishing and creative consulting, God has led her into the homeschool coaching space in the last few months. She and her husband lead a faith-based community in their area, and their family lives a commuter lifestyle— traveling back and forth from big city to countryside. Mich likes fun socks, strong coffee, and making stuffed toys “come to life.”

Key Lessons From This Episode:

  • How Mich got unstuck and went on to generate over 380 high-quality leads and started one-on-one coaching clients.
  • 2 key elements to rock your Opt-in offer.
  • How Mich said goodbye to being perfect, and hello to the money on the table, and resulted in creating transformation for her clients.
  • Why the true transformation only happens after the transactions for your marketplace calling.
  • The top 3 benefits of being part of CCU.

Ready to be ignited? Let’s chat with Mich.

Important Links & Mentions in this episode:

Was that awesome or what? Are you at the place where Mich was? You know you have so many professional skills and expertise, but you feel a bit challenged to transfer it to your online business? If so, you are in the right place. I have prepared several free gifts for you.

Just go to KellyBaader.com/Learn to access. If you are interested to be part of CCU Campus, as we are in the transitioning phase of updating the website, just email me: info@kellybaader.com and place "CCU" in the Subject line. So my team can place you on the VIP list to receive a special bonus when we launch again next time.

Remember, YOU Matter! See you in the next episode.