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Episode 222: Hero On A Mission, Part 2 – With Jessica Burrell
Episode 22229th June 2022 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 222: Hero On A Mission, Part 2

- With Jessica Burrell

Donald Miller says, in his book,  Hero On A Mission, “Life is a beautiful experience and we get to participate in making it so….the idea that fate writes our story is a lie. We do not suffer fate, we partner with fate to write a story generated from our own God-given creativity and agency. And that story can be more than interesting, it can be meaningful.”

Part 2 in this 2-part series puts Jessica Burrell and host Lori Lee in the hot seat to discuss when they have sourced all these energy types:

Let’s have a little fun today and talk about what these roles look like in our own lives - Jessica and I will be the guinne pigs. As we do this we can start to be more aware of what energy we are sourcing in our lives, and with that awareness, create life stories with more intention and understanding. 

Hero energy is where you take responsibility for your responses to life. A hero moves forward.

When have you been sourcing Hero energy?

Listen to the audio program to hear both responses.

Victim energy is when you feel you have no way out. A victim gives up because they believe they are doomed. No one moves it forward. Life is hard, fate is against me.

When have you sourced Victim energy?

Listen to the audio program to hear both responses.

Note - If the story is going to work, the hero must not source victim energy.

If we find we are sourcing victim energy and feel shame, we move into the villain character who attacks the victim inside us. Don’t do that either. 

When Donald brought that up, I thought that was super interesting, that we could be a villain to ourselves.

Let’s talk about the villain: We want to make sure we/ the hero doesn’t source villain energy. 

How is the hero responding to their challenge? When they are insulted, how do they react, when they feel all is lost, do they lash out like a villain?

When have you sourced Villain energy in your life?

Listen to the audio program to hear both responses.

The story is about the transformation of the hero, the guide is the most respected and wise in the story - like Yoda for Luke, or Haimich for Katniss in the Hunger Games, or Gandolf in Lord of the Rings. When we are the guide - we sacrifice ourselves for another. 

When have you sourced guide energy?

Listen to the audio program to hear both responses.

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Life forces us to live a story. It’s not a choice. We can moan and rage and create a victim or villain story, OR we can create a path of transformation in our life. A path to meaning. A path to transformation.

So much of this is about our identity and who we believe we are. Do we believe we are helpless (victim)? Do we believe other people are small (villain)? Do we believe we are in control and can transform and change - growth mindset - hero energy? Are we willing to guide, with wisdom and selflessness, when needed? 

In stories, pain is the only way that heroes transform and become the better versions of themselves. 

Pain is the force that transforms us. There is a redemptive perspective of pain. We must take the thing that hurt us and shape it into an inner strength. Pick up the pain and turn it into something useful. Victims can heal into heroes and heroes can strengthen into guides.

Humans are designed to change. Healthy people learn from their mistakes. That’s a lot of hope. We hope you've learned some things about yourself, about your story, and about the possibility for engaging with the energy you want, on purpose.

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