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Episode 204: A Look at Adapting – Interview with Kimber Cross
Episode 20420th October 2021 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 204: A Look at Adapting - Interview Kimber Cross

Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast where we sit around this technological campfire and share stories of doing hard and fabulous things, shining a light on overcoming road blocks for living our best lives on purpose.  Today’s guest, Kimber Cross, is an adaptive athlete from Tacoma, Washington. Born without fingers on her right hand, Kimber didn’t let that slow her down. From the time she was young her athletic spirit always found a way. Today Kimber is an avid alpinist who climbs routes up the volcanoes of the Northwest, as well as peaks of the Cascades and Olympics. The past 3 years she’s been focused on ice climbing using a custom prosthetic Petzl ice tool.  Stay tuned for her story of what it was like growing up without fingers on your right hand, how she’s adapted and excelled, and what she’s learned from the journey. Tune in to the audio program to hear Kimber's experiences as she shows us what it looks like to adapt. To follow Kimber: Instagram: @kimberbelle   We all have obstacles in our individual lives. These obstacles are as individual to each of us as our lives are. Some of these obstacles are more obvious to others - like not having a hand, while other obstacles may be deep grief, loss, hidden abuse, depression, anxiety, etc. etc. These challenges make us stronger as we face them. Could Kimber have played small and afraid, not risking, feeling handicapped. Trying to stay hidden? She could have, and so can we as we face our obstacles, but we also have the much better choice to square our shoulders, look straight at the challenge, and one day at a time, one choice at a time, get strong. It’s always a choice. Your challenge for this week is to consider the something in your life you need to gain some strength around. That thing you know gives you lots of growth opportunities, and take one strengthening step toward it and away from a story that limits you. Thanks for being here with us today. We’ll see you in 2 weeks for the next fabulous episode. Go live big!