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Top Tips To Know BEFORE You Hire an Ads Agency
Episode 2949th February 2023 • Course Building Secrets® Podcast • Tara Bryan
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In this episode, Tara breaks down what you need to know before you hire an agency or team to promote your offer. The biggest challenge that we see people have when they are getting started is how to find leads for their program. (Aka future customers) This behind-the-scenes episode will help you get started. DO NOT hire without listening to it!

About Me:

My name is Tara Bryan. I help business owners break into the next level of success by packaging their expertise into an online business. It's my passion to help you find the fastest path to results to create a greater impact and income for you and your tribe.

This podcast is 100% focused on support, tips and example sharing, and building a community of online business owners who are passionate about building awesome learning experiences.

We do that by building engaging, motivating, gamified, and learner-centered online experiences. We come up with ideas and strategies to ensure that our learners can thrive and succeed using our packaged products.

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Here are two ways we can help you grow and scale your online course-powered business:

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Join LEARN ACADEMY MENTORSHIP - Learn Academy is the best done-with-you On-demand and cohort implementation program that will help you create, sell, and launch your online business. 


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