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EWS034: 4 Questions for Better Business Storytelling
Episode 3422nd January 2018 • Engage Video Marketing Podcast • Ben Amos
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In this episode I break down for you the 4 big questions we really need to be asking ourselves when crafting stories for business.  These 4 questions will help us be better business storytellers but more importantly, I feel, help guide the formation of stories with purpose that return on the ‘storytelling investment’.

When it comes to communicating in business, we know that storytelling strategies simply can’t be ignored. But like me, you’re also probably interested in and focussed on improving your storytelling. Becoming a more effective storyteller and exploring actively how the stories we tell can engage our audiences better.

In this episode:

  • Question 1 - Who is your Audience?
  • Question 2 -  What do you want them to do, think or feel?
  • Question 3 - What kind of story should we tell?
  • Question 4 - How will the story resonate with the audience?