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A Friend of Mine - OAK Magazine EPISODE 18, 27th November 2020
Nerida Hansen on weaving her way to the top
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Nerida Hansen on weaving her way to the top

Seeing a gap in the market, Nerida Hansen pitched her idea to support independent artists and designers to a major retailer, but they weren't interested. Believing in herself and her vision, Nerida left her job and started representing independent artists. 

She turned her dream into a reality and launched her first collection of digitally printed fabrics in 2017. 

Her business - Nerida Hansen Fabrics - is now a growing independent fabric business in Geelong supporting textile designers, illustrators and artists from all over the world.

Nerida has built her team, established an e-commerce store providing wholesale and retail, opened a bricks and mortar store in Torquay and recently launched a second business called Future Folk Designs.

2020 has been bitter sweet for Nerida. When the global pandemic first hit, Nerida recalls "crying for 30 days straight" not knowing what the future held. She stood down her staff and virtually shut down everything. Then, it turned around overnight.

There was such an increase in sales, Nerida had to move the business into a bigger warehouse and, more importantly, was able to re-employ her team.

Nerida is at the top of her game in the textiles market and is building an empire. She shares with us her start up journey, the importance of questioning growth, how and when to hire, dealing with trolls, how to successfully pitch your design, future plans and so much more business advice.

Meet my friend Nerida from Nerida Hansen Fabrics. 


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