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STEM on FIRE - Jeff Nigh 4th November 2018
63: From Electrical Engineering to Civil Engineering working in renewable energy – Emily Arnold
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63: From Electrical Engineering to Civil Engineering working in renewable energy – Emily Arnold

Emily Arnold earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from The Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) and a Master’s in Civil Engineering from Stanford University. She is now Director of Optimization Engineering at 8 Minute Energy Renewables

[1:10] Why Emily made the transition from Electrical into Civil Engineering. She originally was planning to be a chemical engineer. A 2 week long summer engineering camp helped guide her decisions. At Stanford she focused on atmosphere and energy engineering.

[5:23] Looking at the subset programs of the broader masters degrees is important when looking at graduate school.

[6:47] How Emily is merging the Electrical Engineering and Civil Engineering together.

[9:00] Emily’s specific area of expertise – solar technology and optimization.

[9:52] What has Emily fired up is that renewable are just getting started.

[11:35] Early in her career she had to learn how to accommodate the customer’s requirements and there is no one right answer to solving an engineering problem. Some may be better technically, some may be better cost wise. You have to think about all the parts and there are always trade-offs

[15:20] Launching into college successfully – talk to people, your teachers. Her high school math teacher really helped guide her for college guidance.

[18:02] Best advice – Be bold and realize that you have something to contribute. A personal habit is to find outlets to shut-off and balance throughout school and in her career.

[19:55] parting piece of guidance – need to find your own path, may not be the straightest, hone in on what you enjoy
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