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EWS049: Engaging Sports Fans with Story
Episode 4914th May 2018 • Engage Video Marketing Podcast • Ben Amos
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Jason Davis, founder of the, is a story practitioner using story marketing for sporting teams and organisations., the un-agency digital agency, is a digital content and strategy agency serving sport and business.

Jason has been using story in various ways to build engaged, loyal fans and connecting them to their sporting heroes for most of his career. This prompted the development of his latest product, The Siren, an app which he’s launching right now - using story. The Siren, a free to use app for fans and clubs, is a new game day engagement app to improve the live sport experience and generate more revenue for clubs.


Story is engaging by showing our vulnerability @jase_davis_

In this episode:

  • Jason’s story and how his passion for storytelling has led him to his current career
  • The role of good storytelling in enhancing relationships between fans and sport teams and increasing fan engagement
  • The gap between stories being told and what’s really happening behind the scenes and how it can be solved
  • How to monetise sport through content marketing
  • The struggles of clubs and sport groups in engaging with their fans through digital media
  • Idea of The Siren and how it works and improves the live sport experience
  • Various potentials and opportunities the app can be used for
  • The examples of Warringah Rubgy Club and Rockhampton Race Club and how they are using The Siren to monetise their games through different stories
  • Product Journey: The Siren Videos - How documenting his story in building the app has helped its marketing and launch
  • His plans for The Siren videos
  • Critical elements to good storytelling
  • What other business owners can take away and learn from this approach of storytelling for launching their products and services
  • Discussion of how every story and journey has its own market and audience



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