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Steve Hillis – Empower Your Team to Exceed Sales Goals and Maximize Profitability
Episode 3014th November 2022 • Becoming Preferred • Michael Vickers
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Episode Overview:

If you're looking for ways to empower your sales and service teams to exceed goals, develop a positive mindset, maximize their effectiveness and hold them accountable for their productivity, you're going to enjoy my conversation with coach, trainer, and personal leadership expert, Steve Hillis.

Guest Bio: 

Steve is a dedicated business professional specializing in business coaching and sales strategy development. He has been a driving force behind sales increases for Fortune 500 companies since 1980.

His early beginnings began with building a commercial flooring company called Metro Flooring Companies. Then leading the marketing for Tandus in the Healthcare market, working for Mohawk Commercial Group as Sr. VP of Marketing and then a business turnaround at Durkan Hospitality. Steve led a major business turn-around for Beaulieu Commercial Flooring and has consulted with over 25 firms.

Steve is today leading the Empower Partners team of professional coaches, trainers, recruiters and consultants.

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Insight Gold Timestamps:

04:39 Servant leadership

07:44 Our mind is not our friend…

08:19 Motivational accountability

13:14 Breaking belief barriers

17:43 Barriers for empowering a team

21:10 Empower your salesperson to build relationships and

23:16 Moving them from a bureaucracy to empowerment

25:31 Manufacturing a better bottom line

27:02 Companies get caught up in selling on price

28:30 Superior customer service

29:01 CARE - Customers Are Really Everything

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