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Please, Finish Your Book! - John P Smith Jr 21st May 2016
Behind the Cover: 002
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Behind the Cover: 002

Prince was writing his Memoir: “The Beautiful Ones”

I assume that most if not all of you heard the news On April 21st 2016 when we lost an extraordinary and legendary musician, singer, songwriter and artist named Prince.

According to an interview between Raven Samone and Sheila E on the show, The View, he was working on adding the title of Author to this name.

The reason why Raven Samone asked the question is because of the headlines that were in the news before he passed stating that on March 21st he announced a deal with a Major Publisher to write about book about his life called “The Beautiful Ones”.

We’ve heard and seen some unforgettable stories from prince in the form of music and movies, But could you imagine reading more of his life stories and advice packaged in a book, especially from someone who wasn’t really known as a public person.

How about the stories and advice from you, mr or mrs soon-to-be published author.

What do you have to share with the world, what experience, expertise, advice, recurring stories that come to you over and over in your dreams that you could write about and leave behind as your legacy for the world to enjoy and learn from?

That’s the purpose and title of this podcast, is to Inspire you to Please, Finish Your Book…

One of the authors that I interviewed, Marcy Radar brings this point home with a personal story in this previously un-aired segment…

So, what is it going to take for you to finish your book?

Since I’ve launched this podcast, I’ve received so many emails from people who are working on books who were stuck and said they heard something from one of the authors that I interviewed that got them unstuck and helped them get passed an obstacle and take the next step.

Here’s Marcey Rader again, the productiviy and health coach and former corporate trainer who is the author of “Beyond Travel: A Road Warrior’s survival Guide” who preferred funny movies over scary movies and combucha tea… and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go listen to my interview with Marcy which was episode 005 when she gave this advice to help you finish your book…
Marcey: Remove yourself from your current space and go somewhere that’s just for writing.

Jacques McNeil, Licensed Evangelist, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Trainer and author of the book “Life Happens who preferred mild over spicy and the ocean over the mountain and if you don’t know what I’m referring go check out Jacques’s interview which was episode 006 when she gave this advice to help you finish your book.
Jacques: Find a Coach and Mentor, someone to keep you accountable.

What about Raymond Aaron, the New York Times top 10 best selling author, thought leader, success coach and self-described math nerd from Toronto Canada who is the author of “Double Your Income doing what you love” shared this quote that could help you visualize your completed book.
Raymond: Snowmen fall to earth unassembled.

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