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The Word Bin
Episode 3851st December 2020 • Podcast Rodeo Show: Reviews and First Impressions of Your Podcast • Dave Jackson
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What word would you bin (get rid of) and why? A 5 minute-ish podcast in which you will hear 3 people binning a word of their choice and explaining their reasons for doing so.Catch this every weekday, in seasons of 15 episodes. Conceived and produced by Nadia Kingsley.Music by Paul Kielty.Podcast Art by Ronaldo Alvez. Please send in your own audio for the podcast to Details at where you will also find award-winning books, podcasts and projects. Please subscribe, review, share if you like what you hear!DISCLAIMER 1: No words were harmed in the making of this podcast disclaimer 2: The views expressed by the 3 individuals in each podcast are entirely their own and do not reflect the views of either the creator/producer Nadia Kingsley, or of Fair Acre Press



The intro music at the beginning needs a voice-over explaining what the show is about (instead of music for the sake of nothing). I loved the concept of the show and the passion people bring to talk about their haterd of their word. As you are getting audio from outside people (which will probably be awful, you might want to check out the WAVS NS1 Noise removal plugin ( ) to clean up some of the audio. I would visit and pick up a domain to create a better first impression with your website. Speaking of your website, there is no real way to subscribe to your show. I would also find a way to come up with some sort of catchy title for each episode instead of "Episode 113." Pick the best word, and put it first. All in all, I like this show. It made me laugh.

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