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Feel Good Running | For the Everyday Runner! - Jim Lynch EPISODE 2, 2nd December 2018
Dr. Karen L. Ostlund – A True “Feel Good Runner!”
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Dr. Karen L. Ostlund – A True “Feel Good Runner!”

Hi Runners,

I hope you enjoyed Episode #1 and now know a little more about me. Lindsey Hein is a great interviewer and was wonderful to speak to. Please give a listen to her podcast, I'll Have Another with Lindsey Hein.

In Episode #2, we get to the format of Feel Good Running starting with a little blabbing by me with my thoughts. My friend recently sent me a Email that he went into Atrial Fibrillation the day after a triathlon and mentions his GPS & Apple Watch saved his life. He said this is common for older athletes. I'm not sure the age range that my audience will be when the podcast grows but this is good discussion for any age. I talk a little about that.

The treat of this episode is my interview with Dr. Karen L. Ostlund. I've been friends with Karen and her husband Fred for a few years now. They come out to Maui from Austin, Texas at least twice a year and join our Wednesday Night Run and we do things outside of running.

Karen is a true Feel Good Runner! Besides her passion as a Professor, teaching science at the University of Texas - Austin, her passion is running. Karen has done over 100 marathons, numerous half-marathons, 10 & 5k races and travels extensively to run them--many with friends. It seems every time I see her Facebook Post, she is running a race somewhere. She is also a running coach for Austin Fit.

In addition to all the running Karen does, she and her husband friend give back by volunteering at local races. What is most amazing, Karen is 75 years old but looks and acts as if she is 45!

I hope you enjoy this interview with Karen. She is such an inspiration to everyone she meets!

And I finish off the show with a inspirational quote for you to think about. Please share my podcast with all your running friends and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts from that we are on.

Thanks for listening and always feel good about your running!



News Links

Gene Dykes - 70 Year old trying to break the age group record by Ed Whitlock of [2:54:48]. Whitlock was 73 at the time.

Man Kaur - 102 year old runner, still running and winning medals. What's your excuse?


Dr. Karen L. Ostlund

Here are some links and pictures related to Karen:

Amazon - Books Written by Karen L. Ostlund

Austin Fit

Hash House Harriers - Austin - A Drinking Club with a Running Problem!

Karen's Facebook Page

Galloway Method - Run Walk Run Method that Karen Recommends

Texas Beef Team

University of Texas at Austin - College of Natural Sciences - UTeach


Karen at the Maui Oceanfront Marathon

Karen & Fred


Show Notes:

Here are some links from the show this week.


Big Sur Marathon - Big Sur, California

Grandma's Marathon - Duluth, Minnesota

Marine Corp Marathon - Washington, DC

New York City Marathon - New York, New York

Twin Cities Marathon - Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota

Valley Isle Road Runners - Maui Hawaii

Walt Disney World Marathon - Orlando, Florida



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