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Episode 206: A Doable, Enjoyable Guide to Living the Life You Want – Interview Danielle Dinkelman
Episode 20617th November 2021 • Love Your Story • Lori Lee
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Episode 206: A Doable, Enjoyable Guide to Living the Life You Want - Interview Danielle Dinkelman

If Diets don’t work, What does? - A doable, enjoyable guide to living the life you want.
Welcome to the Love Your Story podcast. Today’s episode is about how to create real change when we want to. It’s about our health and lifestyle. Now before you tune out because it’s been done a million times, let me tell you what’s different….Danielle Dinkelman was referred to me by a fellow podcast host. I liked the idea of intentionally creating a healthy lifestyle, but everyone has an angle on this. The reason I took a look at her book  “If diets don’t work, what does.” was because I was coming up hard agains the Covid 15 pound weight gain. But there are a couple things I know about myself - 1st - I’ve never had to diet, I don’t. I don’t own a scale. If I tell myself I can have some food I will inevitably eat 3 or 4 more times of that food than I normally would. It is completely unrealistic for me to even pretend for one moment that I’m going to ever go on a diet. I also know I have to manage who I am, not try to will power my way into anything. I’ve also had a hard time getting myself to go to the gym no matter how many times I’ve put it on my calendar. So…..long story short, what did Danielle Dinkelman have to say that hadn’t been said before and would it actually be useful? She sent me her book. I read it because I was feeling a little desperate to get back into my really cool hiking shorts that I’d only had for one season before Covid his and I sat around on my butt, in front of my computer in Zoom meetings for a year. I read it to see if it would be worthy of you, my audience.    Tune in for a couple really strong ideas that will work for everyone….. Danielle is in the house. Let's talk about how  we create a healthy eating and exercising lifestyle we will enjoy - one not filled with desperation? To contact Danielle or buy her book:
Danielle Dinkelman, NBC-HWC
National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach
I think living your best life on purpose definitely includes taking care of your body. It is the case that houses your spirit and when you feel good, you rock things. Feeling good is important, and the greatest chance of creating a lifestyle that is healthy is to have realistic expectations and to create habits that you are excited about. Fun habits and eating that serve you rather than feel like handcuffs. There are good foods we like, and exercises and movements we are more drawn to than others. We CAN create healthy lifestyles that serve us. Your challenge for this week is to take a look at the habits you have around food or exercise and see if they need to be replaced. Then consider a healthy food or movement you would really enjoy that it would be fun to create a new habit around. It’s a great place to start. And, if you need help you can call Danielle. Thanks for being here - Live your best life on purpose! Create habits that serve YOU! Start the new year intentionally and in charge of your own life. See you in two weeks. Share this podcast with someone who would enjoy it.