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4 - Introducing: Nimit Desai
Episode 425th July 2017 • The Bhangra Podcast • Umer Qureshi
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Nimit Desai former captain of Buckeye Bhangra and KPGD dancer. With a very unique style and energy, Nimit Desai is prolific dancer in every sense of the word. In this episode we talk to Nimit about:

-Captaining Buckeye Bhangra as a sophomore

-Recovering from a loss at Blowout 2016 and roaring back the following season

-His change to his set design approach

-And a few callouts along the way

0:00 Nimit’s start with Bhangra

2:50 Nimit with Buckeye Bhangra

4:58 Nimit taking on captain’s duties for the first time

7:08 When Nimit first became captain he focused a lot on making choreography and he talks about his mistakes and successes with this approach

10:07 Dealing with the loss at Bhangra Blowout 2016 and reinventing and using the loss as motivation for the following season

12:16 Buckeye Bhangra at Aaj Ka Dhamaka 2016

13:06 After having a year without placings but still having gone to Blowout, Nimit talks about changes in leadership style, choreography and set design, and overall team mentality

18:49 After a very successful 2016-2017 season Nimit reflects on the result of Bhangra Blowout 2017

22:13 After dancing with KPGD at Bruin 2016 and then competing against many of his teammates from that squad throughout the year, Nimit talks about how he felt competing against his friends, creating a ‘sibling rivalry’ with many of them

23:57 Nimit’s opinions on other teams throughout the circuits set design from a pure choreography standpoint

25:20 We also talk some smack and Nimit throws out a few callouts by name

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