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Episode 110 – Cultural Issues at the Workplace
Episode 1107th September 2021 • Love In Your Life • Dolah Saleh
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We speak often of the nature of our work. Do we like what we are doing, and if not, why? How can we move into work we enjoy?

But there is another aspect to the work we do. There is the leadership and the corporate mission and vision. There are other employees with whom we work each day. These two aspects represent at least fifty percent of the reason we may experience a level of happiness with our "work."

We might even decide against leaving a job for higher income because of how content we are with our boss and co-workers. After all, money is not everything.

How is your company culture? What are the things you look for and prefer in your boss and the people with whom you work daily?

It is another factor to consider in making choices.




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