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#084: Voicing Cartoons or Radio? SCOTT INNES says 'YES"
Episode 8412th November 2018 • Brandwidth On Demand • David Martin & Kipper McGee
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Let there be no doubt, Scott Innes is a radio guy through and through. After working at stations in various markets, his hallmark became an uncanny knack to do character voices. Then, Hollywood called. Scott became the official voice of Hanna-Barbera’s famous cartoon character, Scooby-Doo, and eventually other characters. He’s also given voice to over 1,000 talking Scooby-Doo items such as toys and video games and has appeared on countless TV shows like The Tonight Show, Fox and Friends, and others. On the radio, Scott’s s been voted “favorite On-Air Personality” for three years running Parents Magazine, and he won Air Personality of the Year by the CRB in Nashville and was voted the Academy of Country Music’s Air Personality of the Year!

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

(2:01) Scott shares how his love for radio and all things audio lead to mastering cartoon voices. 

(3:52) Now it can be told: the ploy that earned Scott a spot on the Hanna-Barbera roster, and ultimately filling in the footsteps of Casey Kasem.

(6:47) The key similarities and differences between radio folks and Hollywood, and why Scott chooses to stay grounded in local radio. 

(8:09) A trick learned from TV: how social video can engage and ACTIVATE your audience when you need them most.

(12:09) Some tough but honest and sound advice for anyone serious about a career in media today.


Complete Show Notes: