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Lessons Learned from 100 Episodes of the Podcast
Episode 10012th September 2019 • The Content 10x Podcast • Amy Woods
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It’s a very special occasion at the C10x HQ today as we’re celebrating 100 episodes of the Content 10x podcast!

Aside from clinking champagne glasses and wondering where the time went, my team and I have taken this huge milestone as an opportunity to reflect on lessons learned from recording, publishing and repurposing 100 episodes!

As we reach our 100th episode, it’s incredible to look back at our humble beginnings to see exactly where and how it all started and more importantly, how we’ve developed and what we’ve learned since then. Our repurposing strategies and the ways that we create and repurpose our content have evolved with us over time, which is what I want to share with you in this special episode and blog post!

Of course, as a content repurposing business, we have not only learnt lessons based on our own podcast and content, but based on the work that we do for our clients too. We’re very fortunate to have wonderful clients and I’m so blessed to have such a dedicated team of content managers, publishers, copywriters, graphic designers, video and audio editors, that work tirelessly to serve our clients and maximise the reach of their content through the power of repurposing!

To prepare for this special episode, my team and I had an in-depth meeting where we reflected on how our own repurposing strategies and tactics have changed over time. Sounds intense…it wasn’t…we had fun…it’s been a fantastic journey and we’ve only just begun!

Find out about:

  • Our most important lessons learned from recording, publishing and repurposing 100 episodes of the podcast
  • How our creative, publishing and copywriting processes have evolved over time
  • The importance of planning your content and being consistent with it – no matter what!

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